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Middle Level Management is the intermediate management level accountable to top management and responsible for leading lower level managers. Experiential...
Junior associates work on cutting-edge deals and high-profile disputes and Junior associate level team believes training is all about—and helps...
Functional Training is rigorous and disciplined methodology that uses data and statistical analysis to measure and improve a company's operational...
Consultancy is a professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field. Key Account Management Strategy and Implementation New...
We ensure that the optimum mix of practical and theoretical methods of learning are met through presentations, videos, case studies, role play, exercises and activities.
Classroom learning is made more fun and easy to comprehend through group interactions and participative learning.
Participants surprise themselves with the latent knowledge they possess on these subjects. Their willingness to learn increases, with this intervention.
A robust action planning wherein participants are required to pick up 3/5 learning areas from the program which could be practically implementable in their personal and professional realm life.
  • Foster Excellence Training and Consultancy have many interesting programs & activity based training interventions which makes learning more Fun and Interactive with the ability to foster Higher Synergies and Collaborative spirit at the work front.

    Noella’s ability to bring about a realization of individual potential and harness Team potential based on collective synergized strengths is what has provided us a new perspective and set a clear road map ahead for us.

    She is a passionate trainer & facilitator with the ability to conceptualize and design various corporate training programs to suit the need of multiple layers within the organization. Her vast industry experience in Logistics and Freight forwarding has added value not just on the professional but also on the personal front during her one-to one interactions with staff of all levels.

    Her insights could give a better understanding and add value to our complex business process and the diverse cultural trends which enabled us as a TEAM to better comprehend underlying issues and address the same through her programs thus enriching the overall desired outcome.
    OWEN MENDONSA – HEAD – HUMAN RESOURCES Parekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd.
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